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Holiday apartment Haus Bonny, Bollendorf

Our holiday apartment Haus Bonny is located in Bollendorf, the geographical and tourist center of the Felsenland Südeifel holiday region and the Süfeifel nature park.

Bollendorf in the south Eifel rocks, the nearby Mullerthal, the well-known Teufesschlucht and many, many rocks like from a picture book are waiting for you here.

Climatic health resort Bollendorf in the South Eifel nature park

The border town of Bollendorf forms the tourist center of the German-Luxembourg nature park on the German side. Mighty rocky areas like the Teufelsloch and mysterious gorges like the Green Hell make every hike an experience.

200 km of well-developed hiking trails on both sides of the Sûre lead to the most beautiful vantage points and impressive cultural monuments such as the Roman Villa Bollendorf, the Fraubillenkreuz, Weilerbach Castle or Bollendorf Castle. Bollendorf is also a stage stop for the St. James pilgrims.

Whether you want to take an active holiday or just relax, there is something for every guest in Bollendorf: hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, canoeing, fishing, swimming in the outdoor pool, mini golf, tennis and bowling

Canoeing and fishing in the Sauer Valley

Pure adventure is canoeing. Numerous canoe rentals in the romantic Sauer Valley offer the possibility of tours lasting several hours with the whole family. We particularly recommend the local canoe rental at the Altschmiede campsite.

Due to the abundance of fish, the river "Sauer" is particularly popular with anglers. In order to be able to fish in the border waters, all that is required is a fishing permit issued by the Tourist Information.

The leisurely riverside hiking trail with the fish and water nature trail and the "Sauerstaden" riverside promenade is particularly appreciated by seniors.

The Südeifleler Felsenland offers many other interesting excursion destinations such as Weilerbach Castle, the remains of a Roman "villa rustica" near Bollendorf or a detour to nearby Luxembourg.

Echternach de la Petite Suisse luxembourgeoise

The Luxembourgish town of Echternach, only a few kilometers away, invites you to stroll with its Mediterranean flair. The capital Luxembourg can be reached in just 30 minutes by car.

Holidays in the German-Luxembourgish Nature Park

Bizarre rock formations and canyons, grottos and caves run through the forests and characterize the holiday region in the center of the German-Luxembourg Nature Park.

Rivers, streams, wild and gentle waters and with them a piece of prehistory let you quickly forget the hectic pace of the present. Blooming proof of the pleasant Mediterranean climate are more than forty orchid species that bloom here. It's no surprise that not only the Celts and Romans, but also the people of the Neolithic Age succumbed to the charm of this forest and river landscape.

The unique landscape is best discovered on a hike on one of the 550 km long, well-developed hiking trails through deciduous and coniferous forests or on a bike tour.

The eight kilometer long and four kilometer wide plateau of the Ferschweiler Plateau is one of the most impressive landscapes in the South Eifel Nature Park. On the eastern edge, more than 100 stairs lead through the so-called Devil's Gorge. It forms the entrance to a bizarre, adventurous rocky world with narrow paths, narrow crevices, craggy rock towers and a wide sea of ​​rocks.

Hiking in the NaturWanderPark delux, South Eifel Nature Park

Cross-border hiking through the bizarre rocky landscape in the South Eifel nature park and in the Mullerthal. Our holiday apartment is located on Felsenweg 2. 23 circular hiking trails in absolute premium quality will lead through the Southern Eifel nature reserve and the German-Luxembourg nature reserve over almost 400 km.

The round trips will combine the highlights of the South Eifel and North Eifel nature parks on the German side and the Our nature park and the Mullerthal region on the Luxembourg side of the border. One of these premium hiking tours passes very close to our apartment. The Felsenweg 2, which connects Bollendorf with Berdorf and Beaufort in Luxembourg, runs past the Mariensäule Bollendorf, the Bollendorfer Predigtstuhl and the Lingelslay. For us, this rock path is the most beautiful hiking trail in the NaturWanderPark delux!

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